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Isolation is becoming something we are living with every day good and bad. We miss our friends, coffee, and hugs as we self isolate but in Gisborne our isolation is turning into a positive as we still sit one case of COVID19.

You will all be finding your personal bubbles expanding and contracting depending on whether you are getting along or not! Making the effort to find a positive each day helps.

Spade Oak has amended how it works, made slightly easier by the fact there is a small number of us to start. Dinna and Georgie now work full time at home. Roz is alone in the office organising the dispatch and the courier is contactless pick up and delivery. Delivery can take a little longer at the moment.

Wine is sent out to the supermarkets and also our on line orders so we Thank all of you who are enjoying Spade Oak Wine and keeping us going.

STEVE'S TIP, for the red wine drinkers out there, is try decanting. Get some air into your Syrah by pouring the wine SLOWLY from a HEIGHT into your glass, if you do not have a decanter to hand. For those who prefer white wine - take it out of the fridge an hour or two beforehand to let the flavours release. Like us all, wine retreats into itself when it is too cold!

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