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Pair your delicious meals with Spade Oak Wines
Live a little!

One of the great things about living in New Zealand is the incredible range of fresh produce that's readily available. We keep that in mind when we make our wines. Every Spade Oak Vineyard wine is made to go with food and friends, to add to the occasion, add to the enjoyment, and be poured with absolute confidence. 

Seafood Dish

Or kai moana as we Kiwis like to call it. Some of the best in the world, yours for the taking if you know how and where, and so easy to prepare. Mussels, paua, crayfish, pipis, octopus, squid, fish, scallops and more. Try our lush Viognier if you're using Thai flavours in the recipe. Our Voysey series Sauvignon Blanc is the classic Kiwi match with seafood, while our Chardonnay are also renowned for their ability to bring out the best in seafood. And if you're looking for something different to serve, Spade Oak Albariño or will be just the ticket; our clean, refreshing whites compliment seafood perfectly.

Red Meat
Beef Steak

Again, so much to choose from; world famous New Zealand lamb, beef, venison, mutton. Do you roast, barbecue, hangi, stew, fry?  With influences from where? Morocco, Spain, India, Asia, Europe or just good old En Zed? Our range of reds is made to go with all of it. Big Syrah, chocolatey-smooth Temprañillo, fruity St. Laurent, exhilarating blends.  If it's a red you're after, we have one that will bring out the best in the food you're serving.

Chicken or Pork
Chicken Skewers

Simple, clean, fresh dishes are often well served with wines that reinforce the feelings evoked by the food.  A smart and crisp Sav Blanc or a chilled Pinot Gris with fresh fruit on the nose fills the bill here nicely. Whereas richer dishes with more complex flavour profiles may be best enjoyed with the denser flavour profile of our Prospect Chardonnay.  


Chocolate.  Caramel.  Fresh berries in cream.  Meringue.  Pav.  mmmmm....


Any sweet that tempts your fancy can be highlighted and heightened by a sip of our beautiful Late Harvest Viognier. Sweet, rich, and luscious in the mouth and great with cheese platters as well!

Chocolate Dessert
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