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Voysey Series

2019 Syrah

People will tell you there’s no good red wine in Gisborne. Those people haven’t tasted this. Modeled on traditional Hermitage from the Rhone Valley of France, this is a dry red Syrah, a bold wine, complex and muscular. Venison, beef, duck all cry out for this sort of wine. When the Cubans started rolling cigars, they had wines like this in mind too. Spicy with cedar and oak and the pepper you always find in Syrah. A small amount of Viognier has been blended in line with tradition.

This has proved to really popular so we have done a second bottling with fruit from Hawkes Bay, hence the change in the label. It is still modelled on Hermitage with a touch of Viognier. The current crop is looking good so we will be back to Gisborne Syrah soon!


Colour: Deep Garnet good density with red hues.

Aromas: Complex rustic, savory and earthy, spiced fruit scents of Raspberries. Black pepper corns and cedar oak.

Palate: Richly layered with ripe red berry flavours and velvety tannins.