Walnuts and Rosé

Posted by on 21 November 2014 | Comments

Walnut tree

A busy year for us as we now have an involvement with the exciting Sunshine Brewery project and Steve is relishing the role of developing new brews along with blending our wines. Oh, to have a well developed palate.

Once we are in November life becomes busy in the race towards Christmas. In the vineyard we are starting to do the first tuck by lifting the wire to hold in the longer canes while the trunks of the vines are cleared of any new growth. We hope for good weather, especially no frost to burn the first shoots. Amazing how fast the vines can grow at this time of the year.

On the home front our children are coming home for the summer holidays and I am starting to think of summer meals and Christmas menus – lists abound! A family favourite to have on hand is curried walnuts. Fortunate enough to have two walnut trees in the back garden we use nuts we have collected earlier in the year. The shelled nuts are boiled in water for a couple of minutes then drained and baked in an 180c oven until they turn golden. Tossed in a little butter with 1 tsp of curry and 2 tsp salt, the trick is in making them last until Christmas.

A seat outside in the shade of the tree, a glass of cold Spade Oak Rosé and a bowl of curried walnuts.  No better way to relax………

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