Corned Beef and Albariño

Posted by on 21 April 2014 | Comments


 What a vintage 2014 has been! Two great years in a row, and the latest one promises to be one that  the varietals will shine in. Every barrel in the winery in is chockablock, the fermentation bench is just a  delight, and we can’t wait to try this year's wines.


 It’s getting cooler now too, longer nights, dusk seems to creep up on us earlier every day and, after  the slog of harvest, a quick and easy one pot meal was called for: a chunk of corned beef, onions,  garlic, leeks and a few sweet little carrots into a pot, covered with water and left to simmer for three  hours with a bay leaf or two. A cup of barley added for the last hour, to make a thick rib-sticking stew.  Delicious with a big dollop of hot mustard and a slice of crusty bread. And a glass or two of Spade Oak  Albariño, which cut through the rich fattiness beautifully.


 Time to put up the feet and rest a bit – still got the reds to pick, and then pruning. This wine making  really is a labour of love.