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Spade Oak Chardonnay and Asparagus

Posted by on 20 October 2014 | Comments


basket asparagus3Spring has well and truly arrived and the growth on the vineyard is racing away. Gisborne is the first on the A&P show circuit, driving past with the window down the screams of the fun fair wafted through – memories!

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Chardonnay and Pumpkin

Posted by Spade Oak on 8 August 2013 | Comments

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Oh it's cold; cold and wet again, the memories of last week's sunshine just a dim blur. The vineyard is  almost  pruned, stark brown fingers sticking up at the sky. Soon though, buds will burst, and it will all start  again. Time   to get inside and have something quick and satisfying, Spade Oak style, while contemplating  the next vintage. 

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