Chardonnay and Pumpkin Risotto

Posted by Spade Oak on 8 August 2013 | Comments

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Oh it's cold; cold and wet again, the memories of last week's sunshine just a dim blur. The vineyard is  almost  pruned, stark brown fingers sticking up at the sky. Soon though, buds will burst, and it will all start  again. Time   to get inside and have something quick and satisfying, Spade Oak style, while contemplating  the next vintage. 

Spade Oak Chardonnay is the perfect companion to roasted pumpkin, pumpkins are plentiful right now,  and  risotto is easy, so a roasted pumpkin risotto it is. Cube a pumpkin, drizzle with some olive oil, season  well and  roast until charred and sticky, say half an hour in a hot oven. While that's happening, sweat off a  small onion  and some garlic, finely chopped, in olive oil and butter. Before it browns, add the risotto rice  and toast for at  least three minutes, making sure all rice the gets well coated, then deglaze with a glass of  Spade Oak  Chardonnay, leaving to cook away completely, before adding a ladle of hot stock at a time  until the rice is  cooked, but not mushy. The ratio of rice to stock is usually three to one, and your stock  must be hot! Keep  stirring stock a ladle at a time until the rice is done, then add the cubed roasted  pumpkin, a good grating of  parmigiana, maybe even a sinful tablespoon of cream for added richness, stir  through, season to taste and  enjoy with the rest of the Spade Oak Chardonnay. Buon appetito!