Bud Burst

Posted by on 18 September 2013 | Comments

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A peach clafoutisVineyard still can't make up its mind; bud burst here and there, dormant in other bits. All over the place. Still, it looks neat as a pin, as it always does after the pruners have finished their work. Row after row of tidy vines, clinging to the wires and waiting for Gisborne's summer heat to fire them up...

In the mood for something sweet this week. And easy - nothing that takes hours of work. The chooks have started laying again, so there's a pile of eggs waiting to be used. Clafoutis, exactly the thing. Beat four of the eggs with 125g of sugar, until frothy. Then heat 125ml of cream and 100ml of milk with a vanilla pod, or half a teaspoon of extract until it simmers. Dont let it boil! Allow to cool for ten minutes to infuse, then strain into the sugar and eggs, and add two tablespoons of flour, mixing well into a smooth very light batter. I opened a tin of beautiful Spanish peaches (because that's what I had handy, works just as well with prunes soaked in brandy, or fresh cherries), drained them, and put them cut side down into a buttered and lightly sugared oven-proof dish. Baked at 200c for about twenty five minutes, until golden-brown but still wobbly in the middle.

Served at room temperature with a glass or two of our delectable sticky, the 2009 Spade Oak Noble Viognier, it was absolute perfection. Tell you what, if the upcoming vintage is half as good, we'll all be delighted!