Heavenly Weather

Posted by on 3 November 2013 | Comments

A SnapperHeavenly weather. Green everywhere, vines flourishing, new wines looking and tasting great, it's all looking very promising right now. That's the thing with growing and making wine; you spend a lot of time hoping that early promise translates into a stunning vintage.


Because there's so much hard work ahead of us to make the very of whatever it is nature gifts us this vintage, the decision to make something quick and easy seemed perfect. Whole snapper on ice at the fish counter, pink and blue-spotted, at a snip of a price. A matter of minutes to scale and gut, (and Yes I made Steve do that part!) before slashing it to the bone three times on each side. Garlic, ginger and chilli pounded to a paste with olive oil and salt, then rubbed into to the fish. Hot BBQ, about six minutes a side, and served with some fennel and fresh asparagus done alongside it. Flaky, smoky, spicy, tender and perfect with Spade Oak Viognier, the mellow apricot tones working wonderfully with the heat of the chilli and ginger. 

If the coming vintage turns out as good as that meal, there'll be a very happy Spade Oak team down at the vineyard...