End of Summer

Posted by Spade Oak on 25 April 2016 | Comments

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The harvest is over for another year and we have just farewelled the mini mountain in the back paddock,Harvester 2016

as the harvester trundelled down the driveway.

 The grapes are all now safely inthe winery, so we can relax our weather watch on the rain patterns. A lot of our grapes are picked by the harvester and the newer model used this year copes fabulously with the narrow rows. There is an onboard bin which holds the grapes as they are picked, then at the end of a row can be tipped directly into the waiting gondola (an even bigger bin on wheels). No more need for a tractor to drive alongside the harvester in the next row, to catch the grapes as they fall from the conveyer.  

The vines, now the crop is gone, can concentrate on nourishing the plant for the winter ahead. Pruning will not start until the leave


s have all dropped, usually around June. This gives us a bit of breathing space on the vineyard so we can concentrate on other things, such as updating a neglected blog. 

Enjoy the cooler nights.