Albariño and seafood

Posted by Spade Oak on 10 July 2013 | Comments

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A Spicy fish and mussels stew

No fun being out in the vineyards right now; cold, wet, windy, even more so after the last few days of gorgeous mid-winter sun. Twigs pointing at the cotton-wool-grey skies, the odd leaf still blowing about. No fun at all. Still, there are wines to contemplate, the great vintage behind us, and thoughts of the vintage to come.


It's the kind of weather that calls for comfort food. Stew, risotto, cassoulet. The sort of meal that perfumes the house, sticks to the ribs, and shouldn't be eaten in a white shirt. A tin or two of tomatoes simmered down with a bay leaf, a dollop of tomato paste, a glass of white wine ( the Spade Oak Heart of Gold Albariño is perfect) a lot of garlic, a pinch of chilli, or not - up to you - and a few strands of saffron soaked in hot water. Add fresh white fish cut into chunks, which will cook through in about six minutes, or some mussels, steamed open in white wine and parsley and garlic, then shelled, along with the juices. In fact, add any seafood you like. Squid, clams, crayfish. It's all good. Serve immediately with grilled crusty bread rubbed with a fat clove of garlic to mop the plate clean, and the rest of the Spade Oak Albariño.


Take comfort in the food, take comfort in the wine, take comfort in the company. And, especially, take comfort in the fact that we'll be bringing you more delicious wines to pour with confidence soon.