30 Years On

Posted by Spade Oak on 16 March 2017 | Comments

This second week in March 2017 Steve Voysey will celebrate 30 years in the wine industry.100 1983

Beginning at Montana in Blenheim after a 3 year stint overseas, Steve chose a job making wine over one treating effluent and has never looked back. Being a trainee involved nightshifts, hoisting pipes through the winery and shoveling out wine tanks. Promoted to winemaker in 1990 resulted in a move to Gisborne, followed not long after by the purchase of a vineyard of his own.

Looking back Steve remembers the highlights; the year Gisborne was at its height processing a huge 22,000 tonnes of grapes, Gisborne receiving no less than six Gold medals in the Sydney Top 100 wine show, a trip to France for the sparkling wine collaboration for Pernod Ricard including an 8 course degustation dinner at Maison Belle Epoque and Spade Oak winning the 2012 NZ Wine Producer of the year at the China wine awards.

In his time in the industry he has been winemaker for some stunning wines including Lindauer, the Letter series including “O” Chardonnay and the Terroir Series. All that experience has been put to good use on the launch of his Spade Oak label. A huge fan of Chardonnay there are no less than 4 variations available from Spade Oak.

Now a consultant largely based at the original winery, Steve also runs the expanding Spade Oak brand. Steve sees himself as a "Vigneron", going from producing wine during the day to driving the tractor on the vineyard in the evenings. Still hugely passionate about the wine industry, he enjoys the challenge where no two vintages are the same.

With a couple more projects still in development Steve will not be slowing down anytime soon. His wife Eileen and four children have been with him every step of the way.

We hope you will celebrate with us and so have a 15% discount available by typing 30YEARS into the promocode on purchase.